What Documents Do You Need in Order to Get A Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Whether you are buying a new home or simply refinancing your existing mortgage, certain documents are required to complete the transaction. 
By taking a moment to ensure the you have all the documents on this list, you'll help make the process to finalize your mortgage go much faster!

Are You Buying a Home?

You'll need information describing the property you are buying:
- Purchase and Sale Agreement (contract)
- Full MLS listing from your Realtor®
You'll also need confirmation of your down payment:
- Savings or investments statement for the last 90 days
- Sale of an existing property -- copy of the sale agreement
- Gift Letter (if your downpayment funds are being gifted to you by a family member)
- Withdrawal from RRSP under Home Buyers' Plan
You'll also need your employment and income verification:
- Copy of your latest pay slip 
- T4(s)
- Letter of Employment
- T1 General(s)
- Notice(s) of Assessment (NOA)
- Other income -- legal agreements to support a spousal or child support payment
                            -- other compensation (disability pension, rental income, etc)

Do You Currently Own Your Home?

You'll need information related to your existing property/properties:
- Recent mortgage statement
- Most recent property tax bill/statement
- Documents verifying heating costs and condo fees
- Legal description of your property (you can find this on your property tax statement or original purchase agreement)
Other information you may need:
- Void cheque
- Name, address ,telephone number of your lawyer/notary

Additional information may be needed. It depends on your financial institution, mortgage broker, personal circumstances.
If you need recommendations for mortgage brokers or bank mortgage specialists, we have a list of people who we highly recommend and trust to help!